February 9, 2016: This document does not provide disclosure of all information required for an investor to make an informed investment decision. Investors should read the offering memorandum, especially the risk factors relating to the securities offered, before making an investment decision.

Current Project: No active products

Product Website: www.farmlandinvestmentpartnership.com

Opportunity: Investing in farmland is a strategy that has seen significant benefits in the past, including strong risk adjusted returns. By purchasing in farmland and renting to local farmers, Agcapita can participate in an asset class that is capital intensive and create a portfolio of holdings with geographic diversification.

Background: Agcapita believes that owning commodities, whether directly or indirectly, in a stable political environment like Canada will provide strong risk adjusted returns. This led the Capita Family of Funds to create Agcapita’s first fund in 2008, to allow investors to cost effectively allocate a portion of their portfolios to farmland without the need to take on the complex responsibilities of ownership themselves.