Last Updated: January 2019

This document does not provide disclosure of all information required for an investor to make an informed investment decision. Investors should read the offering memorandum, especially the risk factors relating to the securities offered, before making an investment decision.

Durum Properties Inc.

Durum Properties Inc. is a private real estate company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2012, Durum owns, manages and operates a portfolio of industrial and development properties in Alberta.

Durum Bow Water and Land Trust: Seeks to develop 298 acres of farmland in Springbank, 6.4 kilometers west of Calgary, Alberta. The land is located on the TransCanada Highway between Banff and Calgary.

Unit Price: $15.00 (subject to change)
Minimum Subscription Amount: $10,000
Registered Plan Eligible: Yes

Durum Industrial REIT: Was formed with the objective of maximizing value for unit holders through the acquisition and operation of a diverse portfolio of industrial properties.

Unit Price: $100.00
Minimum Subscription Amount: $100,000
Registered Plan Eligible: Yes