Last Updated: March 17, 2016

This document does not provide disclosure of all information required for an investor to make an informed investment decision. Investors should read the offering memorandum, especially the risk factors relating to the securities offered, before making an investment decision.

Rhocore Income Trust

The Capita “family” of funds (“Capita Group”) began in late 2007 and has grown into a group of alternative investment vehicles including Rhocore, which provides qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the equipment-financing industry.

  • Issuer:                                                          Rhocore Income Trust (“Rhocore”)
  • Unit Price:                                                   $1.00
  • Units:                                                           Series A Units
  • Minimum Subscription Amount:          $5,000 (5,000 offered units)

The Capita Group has ~$300mm in assets under administration in farmland, private equity, and energy. Rhocore invests in bonds of Stride Capital, which originates and manages equipment leases from “A” credit quality borrowers.

Rhocore Series A Units have a redemption right after 3 years.

Rhocore Series A Units are expected to be Registered plan eligible – RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, RESP.

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