AgriRoots Webinar Recording

  • AgriRoots Webinar Recording

About AgriRoots

AgriRoots is an alternative lender focused specifically on lending within the agricultural sector to support farmers and other agriculture businesses in need of funding as they navigate temporary aberrations in their finances, succession planning, structuring exit strategies, and in the larger sense, maintaining food security and good land stewardship.
AgriRoots focuses on impact investing and offers an ESG investment solution that supports all 3 components of ESG:
– Environmental – supporting good land stewardship through supporting the agricultural sector.
– Social – maintaining food supply and supporting farming families in communities across Canada.
– Governance – improves the alternative lending marketplace within the agricultural sector and works closely with farm operators to improve financial outcomes and management for individual operations.

Investment with AgriRoots aims to Provide:

– Minimum target distribution yield of 6.5% with quarterly distributions.
– A diversified portfolio of 1st and 2nd mortgages within the agricultural sector: 93% 1st Mortgages and 7% 2nd Mortgages.
– Conservative Loan to Value characteristics: Current / Targeted Average 55%.
– Redemption periods are 1 – 2 years depending on the amount invested, and are designed with portfolio liquidity in mind.
– Emphasis is placed on Risk and Liquidity Management.

Webinar Recording