Andrea Kerr

Andrea Kerr


Andrea Kerr
3889 E Arcola Ave
Regina, Saskatchewan
P 306.737.9475
E akerr@raintreeFS.com

Throughout her adult life, Andrea Kerr has consistently looked for ways to improve the lives of others through her work. From being an elementary school teacher to having a real estate investment company that focused on turning tenants into homeowners to being a Private Wealth Advisor, she continually strives to make people’s lives better for having worked with her.

It was through her experience as a real estate investor that Andrea developed a deep understanding of:

  • The appeal and the challenges of actively owning real estate,
  • The importance of alignment between investment partners – that is, ensuring risk and profit were fairly distributed, and
  • That investing alongside companies offered exclusively through Exempt Market Dealers allowed her to access much larger opportunities than she would possibly be able to access on her own.

This led her to focus full-time on being a Private Wealth Advisor.

Since completing the Exempt Market course in 2012 and being registered as a dealing representative, Andrea has focussed on empowering people to make confident financial decisions about their investments by providing them education, access to alternative investments ,and referring them to  Portfolio Managers for their public investment needs.  She strives to help individuals create portfolios that include a balance of traditional public market investments (by referral to Portfolio Managers) and alternative investments across varied asset classes, varied geographies, and varied companies. She is strongly committed to her own ongoing education so that she can provide her clients with the appropriate service.

Andrea, a self-proclaimed nerd, is very family-focused. She is mother to Simon and Sophia and one of 8 children. In leading by example, she strives to create memorable and diverse experiences for her children. Whether it’s registering them in local sporting activities, encouraging them to donate their time and money to local causes, challenging them at treks in the mountains, or snorkeling in tropical waters, watching them develop into strong, confident leaders is her greatest joy and aligns closely with her belief that growth and success require the courage to step beyond one’s comfort zone.



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