Bow Water & Land Webinar

  • Bow Water & Land Webinar

About Bow Water & Land

Durum Capital Inc. is excited to highlight Bow Water & Land Trust, a project designed to bring growth potential to a client’s portfolio. Below you will find registration information for a live webinar with Managing Director, Davin MacIntosh and VP Capital Markets, Amy Kraemer.
Bow Water & Land Trust offers a unique investor opportunity for asset diversification through the investment in two distinct assets, water and land. The project is comprised of a 298-acre parcel of land in a sought-after development corridor located west of the City of Calgary. Together, with a large water allocation, over 7 times more than required to service future development, Bow Water & Land offers a unique opportunity within Rocky View County. Management seeks to create long-term investor value by addressing the 4 key land development areas of (1) road access, (2) water access & treatment, (3) wastewater treatment & disposal, and (4) land use designation & subdivision. As the City of Calgary and surrounding communities continue to grow, Bow Water & Land remains strategically positioned for long term value.

About the Management Team

Durum Capital Inc. is an asset manager focused on investments that require unique skills to uncover true value. Bridging the gap between structure and change, Durum offers expertise in financing, governance and operational efficiencies, ultimately creating enduring value in private markets. With a 20+ year track record working in private equity, and over $8 Million invested from Management, Directors and Affiliates, Bow Water & Land is backed by an experienced and aligned project team.