David Cambria

David Cambria Financial Advisor


David Cambria
London, ON
P 519.520.9117
E dcambria@raintreeFS.com
David is a Private Wealth Advisor with a background in private equity and alternative investments. David has over five years of experience in the private equity sector holding executive roles and various management positions. At the forefront of David’s expertise is deal completion and investment strategies with associates and investors, which has gained attention within the private capital industry. David is committed to building investor relations and returns with his dedicated focus on diversification, industry trends and opportunities. David currently sits on an advisory board with the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA) to assist in the direct dialogue between Dealing Representatives and Securities Regulators.
Prior to joining the Raintree Financial Solutions team, David was a licenced insurance broker with a focus on commercial insurance. Previously, David specialized in risk mitigation in the commercial construction industry. The expertise gained in this area allows David to identify risk at a high level and brings these skills to the private capital sector.
David has completed the Exempt Market Proficiency course at IFSE and continues to further his education and qualifications with respect to the financial field. David continues to give back to the community of London, Ontario where he lives, by assisting non-profit organizations with fund raising efforts and raising awareness for these groups within the community.


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