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  • Durum REIT Webinar

About Durum REIT

Durum Capital Inc. is proud to present Durum Industrial REIT, a project designed to bring income and diversified growth potential to a client’s portfolio.
Durum Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) provides an opportunity for investors to benefit from the unique and strong performing industrial asset class without the large capital requirement to own real estate personally. Formed in 2017, Durum Industrial REIT operates under the main objectives of growing a portfolio of industrial focused properties in order to pay a stable quarterly distribution and ultimately maximize long-term value for unitholders through the acquisition and operation of industrial real estate. Want to learn more about Why Industrial? Click HERE.
Today the Durum Industrial portfolio consists of 13 properties located in ten markets across Western Canada with a total asset value of over $84 Million and growing. With market trends shifting towards e-commerce and local production, demand for the industrial asset class across North America is expected to remain strong throughout 2021*. We invite you to learn more about how you may take advantage of the opportunity to invest in a resilient, strong performing asset class based in Canada.
Durum Capital Inc. is an asset manager focused on investments that require unique skills to uncover true value. Bridging the gap between structure and change, Durum offers expertise in financing, governance and operational efficiencies, ultimately creating enduring value in private markets.
Durum Capital had been managing real estate since 2012 and decided to create a specific entity focused on the acquisition and operation of industrial properties throughout North America. Our project team brings over 40 years of experience managing commercial/industrial real estate. In addition, management, directors and affiliates have over $12 Million invested within the project, ultimately leading to a dedicated and aligned team.
*https://www.pwc.com/ca/en/industries/real-estate/emerging-trends-in-real-estate-2021/commercial-property-outlook.html#industrial, https://www.jll.ca/en/trends-and-insights/research/covid-19-global-real-estate-implications#capital

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Structure of the Offering:
* Securities offered comprises an offering of up to $40,000,000 of aggregate proceeds through the sale of Series C Trust Units, Series J Trust Units and Series F Trust Units.
** Lesser amounts will be accepted at the discretion of Management