Eric Petersen, Private Wealth Advisor, Raintree Financial Solutions

Eric Petersen

Eric Petersen


Eric Petersen
1-10654 82 Avenue,
Edmonton, AB, T6E 2A7
P 780.266.0003
I’m native to the Edmonton, Alberta area, and I truly consider this home. I love this city, and I’m excited for our ever-evolving opportunity of growth, community, and leadership – Edmonton is a big city with a small-town feel.
Growing up on a small farm and working for the family construction business taught me how to work hard, to work smart. I started in my teens and worked from the bottom up.
Throughout my early 20’s, I built my own capital reserves by privately purchasing and managing Alberta-based real estate and participating in the Western Canadian Road Building industry. After a much-needed break, I decided to exit my real estate ventures and the construction industry in 2007. My love of both business and people drew me to investigate many different career options.
I was approached with the idea of joining up with a local Financial Planning firm. It didn’t take long for me to see the perfect match this opportunity presented. I loved sharing my creativity and the strategies I had discovered over the course of my life, and financial planning provided the platform to share these ideas and strategies on a full time basis.
I obtained my insurance license in 2007, and was among the first Private Wealth Advisors in Alberta to receive my Exempt Market Dealing Representative registration in 2010. My learning in the industry, however, is ongoing. I strive to stay informed about economic factors that influence my clients’ future.
On a personal level, I believe in being an active member of the community and giving back where I can. I have been involved in a diversity of community-minded organisations and projects. These include mentoring young entrepreneurs, advocating for those with Celiac Disease, working with youth through multiple organizations, and mentoring local small businesses.
I now have three beautiful children of my own and they are my fuel to succeed.


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