ICM Property Partners Trust Webinar Recording

  • ICM Property Partners Trust Webinar

About ICM Property Partners Trust

ICM Property Partners Trust (PPT) is a diversified North American real estate fund that owns, operates and develops a large portfolio of industrial, residential, office, retail and hospitality assets. The Trust aims to preserve capital, deliver income and achieve strong growth through diversified and tactical allocations to exclusive real estate opportunities in investment grade markets in North America.
Themes for the Trust in 2021 include a continued focus on industrial development projects in the U.S. and Mexico as structural changes due to ecommerce growth, near-shoring and re-shoring require more and more companies to produce, store and warehouse goods closer to the point of demand.
The Trust’s portfolio could be comprised of ~40% industrial by this time next year if ICM is able to close on the substantial industrial pipeline that they are currently focused on.

Trust Highlights + The Offering

Trust Highlights:

  • Fund Assets: $350.0 million
  • Number of Portfolio Holdings: 43
  • # of markets: 13
  • # of countries: 3 (U.S., Mexico, Canada)
  • Square feet of real estate: 1,390,512
  • Square feet of real estate under development: 958,149

The Offering:

  • Target Annual Distributions: 5-6% p.a. (largely return of capital- ROC)
  • Total Target Return: 8.0 – 10.0% per annum, depending on series and DRIP strategy selected (based on a 5-7+ year hold)
  • Canadian and US dollar options
  • Registered plan eligible (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA etc.)
  • Tax-Efficient: Partially shielded by depreciation distributions are expected to be predominately taxed as a return of capital (ROC) during an investors hold period
  • DRIP Options available at a discount to purchase price