Mark Ameerali, CFA, CFP



Mark Ameerali
880 Tamarack Drive
Kelowna, BC
P 250.826.6275
E mameerali@raintreeFS.com


Gold Leaf Club
Mark Ameerali was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. A graduate of the Sauder School of Business with a degree in Finance, he is dedicated to achieving success at the highest level.
After a number of years working with high-net-worth and institutional clients, he left Vancouver for Seoul, S.Korea to pursue his CFA Charter in Asia and now holds the CFA designation. After returning to Canada he pursued and was awarded the CFP designation as well.
Having worked with a number of different banks and financial institutions, Mark decided that he could best serve his clients by offering them something truly different. For him, the private capital market is the ideal alternative solution. Mark is passionate about client education and empowerment.
Mark is the author of Common Cents: 12 Money Lessons You Should Have Learned In School and Perfect Cents: 15 Key Lessons To Financial Freedom. He also volunteers at the local college teaching a course called “My Money Cents”. He donates all of the proceeds from his books to building schools for disadvantaged children in impoverished countries. He is also a strong supporter of Kiva.
Mark lives in Kelowna with his wife Jacqueline and his three children Michael, Benjamin, and Ashleigh. He enjoys playing football, snowboarding, motorcycling, and going to the movies. Mark and his family enjoy spending winters in sunny destinations.


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