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Millennium III Cartwright Properties II Limited Partnership Webinar

The Millennium III Group of Companies was founded 39 years ago to address the significant barriers of large-scale real estate ownership and allow investors the opportunity to profit through collective ownership. Millennium III acquires and develops commercial properties with minimum individual capital outlay and maximum tax advantages. Investors, as part owners of a property, participate fully in the profit from operations while maintaining limited liability. The directors of Millennium III personally purchase partnership units in each offering, ensuring their commitment to the project’s long-term success.
Millennium III, on behalf of more than 1,500 investors, currently owns and manages:
  • Over $325 million in investment property in Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • 68 commercial properties
  • 1.6 million square feet of leasable space
  • More than 500 industrial, office and retail tenants
Investment Highlights
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Investment: $24,700 per partnership unit.
Tax-Efficiency: Investors can write off partnership setup and refurbishment costs directly against other taxable income; approximately a $12,000 tax deduction in the year of purchase.
Equity Growth: The mortgage debt on the property is anticipated to pay out 14 years from syndication.
Income Production: The targeted net rental revenue after debt repayment is $5,000 per unit, per year.
Experienced Management:
  • 39 years in continuous business
  • Management team averages over 20 years with Millennium III each
  • $325M assets under management
  • $85M distributed to investors in the last 15 years alone

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