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Newlook Capital Dental Services Trust Fund Webinar

Newlook Capital seeks businesses that enjoy a distinct competitive advantage or have an established position in an industry that exhibits barriers to entry. Consolidation opportunities are of particular interest to Newlook.
Gavin Treanor is the Vice-President of External Sales and a partner at Newlook Capital. Gavin is an Aerospace Engineer by training, having started his career with Rand Worldwide and quickly moved to Country Manager running the Asia-Pacific division based in Australia. Gavin then founded a Merchant Banking firm focused on identifying and developing strategic metals for B.R.I.C. Countries and had offices in Australia, China and Africa. In the last 10 years he has founded, raised substantial capital and sold several entities operating in Africa, Asia and North America. Gavin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the capital markets, asset management, mergers, and acquisitions to the Newlook Team.

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