Newlook Capital Industrial & Infrastructure Services Fund III Webinar Recording

  • Newlook Capital Industrial & Infrastructure Services Fund III Webinar Recording

About Newlook Capital

Newlook Capital is a private equity firm that currently manages two industry-specialized funds. Each fund has its own focused, experienced, and aligned management, and a defined strategy.
Newlook Capital seeks businesses that enjoy a distinct competitive advantage or have an established position in an industry that exhibits barriers to entry. Consolidation opportunities are of particular interest to Newlook. Newlook seeks to develop funds which assist in achieving a diversified portfolio, seeking out asset classes that have low or negative correlations to those currently available to investors in today’s market.

Investment Thesis

Based on experience, management believes that certain businesses remain largely unaffected by macro-economic trends, such as businesses that provide industrial and infrastructure services. To address this opportunity, Newlook Capital Industrial and Infrastructure Services Fund III was formed.
Building on the successes and experiences of the first two iterations of the industrial services funds, the Fund intends on continuing to primarily acquire a majority interest in industrial services companies in Canada and the United States. Based on the experience of the Manager and its access to a robust pipeline of acquisition opportunities, the Fund intends on focusing on acquiring stable cash flow and further diversifying its potential investment opportunities to include maintaining and supporting essential infrastructure (e.g., building codes, construction standards or construction- adjacent services, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, etc.).
These taken-for-granted companies often enjoy a diverse customer base and multi-year service contracts with a component of recurring revenue. Management believes that a fund comprised of these overlooked companies may be an attractive resilient component within a portfolio of investments.

Webinar Recording

Structure of the Offering

– Website:
– Distribution: Targeted 8% Per Annum, Plus Any NAV Appreciation
– Minimum investment: $10,000
– Eligibility: Qualified under the Income Tax Act for registered plans (RRSP, RRIF, RDSP, RESP and TFSA)
– Income Focused & Capital Appreciation
– Quarterly Redemptions, Subject to Conditions and Restrictions