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Newlook Capital Industrial Services Fund II Webinar

The fund seeks to acquire Portfolio Companies that: (a) have a component of their revenue arising from a recurring service requirement such as assuring regulatory compliance (e.g. building codes, elevator maintenance codes, gas detection system codes, etc.); (b) have a sustainable competitive position; (c) have a history of generating positive cash flow; and (d) the Partnership sees an opportunity to enhance value by driving operational improvements.
The offering was created to provide a unique opportunity for Canadians to invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial and industrial service companies located in Canada and the United States providing a targeted 8% annual preferred return, + profit share at exit, to investors.
Elroy Gust is President, CEO and founder of Newlook Capital. Prior to founding Newlook Capital, Elroy started his career with positions at several banks as a commercial lender, moving on to hold several senior level positions at a multinational logistics company. During the tenure of his 15-year career with Newlook Capital, Elroy has been directly involved with real estate and private equity investments totalling in excess of $150,000,000.

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