Pavilion Flow-Through Webinar Recording

  • Pavilion Flow-Through Webinar Recording


Accilent Capital Management is a boutique investment firm located in Toronto that specializes in alternative assets, commodities and discretionary portfolio management. The company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Daniel Pembleton (Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Commodity Trading Manager), whose credentials include an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, a CFA designation, and having worked in the financial industry for over 27 years. Dan is supported by a team, whose areas of expertise include analysis, accounting, operations, client services, technologies and workflow, as well as marketing and business development. Mr. Pembleton started the Company to identify niche markets and design and manage smarter, more effective investment products, and make them accessible to private investors in Canada.
Accilent believes that whether they’re investing locally or globally it’s important to see the big picture before they act. They applied that same principle when they created the first Pavilion Flow-Through Fund in 2008, to offer investors a truly unique investment through capitalizing on the tax-friendly opportunities that exist in the Canadian Natural Resource sector.
“We saw how Canadian resource pioneers were generating billions of dollars in resource-related wealth, so we created a resource fund that would act as a blueprint for investors looking to replicate this investment style – with the added benefit of significant tax deductions and credits.”
Each annual Pavilion fund invests in a portfolio of Flow-Through shares of resource companies and passes their exploration expense deductions through to the investors, who will then enjoy a tax deduction of at least 100% of their investment, which is deductible against any source of income. These deductions reduce the effective, “at-risk” amount of capital that investors have in the investment, which reduces risk and also helps boost potential returns.

Webinar Recording

In the years since its inception, Pavilion funds have held the number one position in terms of unit values more often than any other Flow-Through fund available*, during some of the most volatile markets of recent history.
*Based on data compiled by Accilent Capital Management Inc. from publicly available sources believed to be accurate including; news releases; issuer web sites and; SEDAR filings.
The Pavilion Flow-Through LP Funds can be used in many different financial plans; as part of an ongoing annual investment program, to reduce taxable income and even to shelter large one-time gains. The minimum investment is $10,000 and the fund is open for new investments until December 15th.
In Summary, Pavilion is a tax advantaged entry point for a diverse portfolio of resource investments designed to provide a return on the invested capital. The Fund highlights Accilent Capital’s strengths and experience in commodities, small and micro-cap investing, as well as our ability to work with other specialists within the investing community.