Pavilion Resource Flow-Through Fund Webinar - Raintree Financial Solutions

Pavilion Resource Flow-Through Fund Webinar

Raintree Financial Solutions is excited to introduce the latest flow-through fund from Accilent Capital Management, Pavilion Flow-Through LP (2020)1 – designed to deliver a 115%+ tax deductible, diversified portfolio of Canadian junior resource companies.

The potential benefits of investing in Flow-Through Limited Partnership units are:

  1. Shelter income through deductions and tax credits
  2. Provide portfolio diversification into Canadian Natural Resources
  3. Convert income taxes payable this year into a potential future capital gain
  4. Position your portfolio for the next gold bull market
  5. Diversify across multiple commodities
Accilent Capital Management was founded in 2002 and developed the first Pavilion Resource Fund LP in 2008. Accilent has successfully launched and managed 17 flow-through funds through some of the most difficult economic and resource cycles recorded. Accilent is located in the financial district of Toronto, Canada and is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager (IFM) and also a Commodity Trading Manager (CTM).
  • 18 years in business
  • 17 flow-through funds
  • 1,000+ investors

Webinar Recording

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