Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson


Sean Wilson
201 10820-24th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
P 403.571.6020
E swilson@raintreeFS.com
Gold Leaf Club
I graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2003 where I received my Bachelor of Management in Accounting and Finance. The first three years of my career were spent articling at KPMG where I split my time working on private business engagements, and large public companies. Articling at KPMG was a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand the drivers of successful businesses. This experience has improved my understanding and approach as it related to identifying investment risks.
Always being more interested in the world of finance, I left KPMG in 2007 to work in equity research for UBS Securities. As a research associate working with a top ranked analyst it challenged me to become more sophisticated and improved my analytical abilities. My time at UBS allowed me to develop a strong understanding of the oil and gas sector and financial modelling. Working in research afforded me the opportunity to observe how the top portfolio managers in energy developed their thesis on the energy space. This type of critical thinking and analysis has had a significant influence on how I approach reviewing investments and assisting clients.
In 2009 I left UBS Securities to join Quarry Wealth Management. I have been insurance licenced since 2009 and am registered to sell exempt market products.  I have been a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions since October of 2012. I am now a partner of Quarry Wealth and reinforce Quarry’s commitment to long-term succession planning. I bring integrity, a strong moral compass and ethics to everything I do.
I am the father to three beautiful kids Alysha, Liam and Caleigh. My wife Melissa and I find ourselves supporting our kids in their competitive soccer activities. I spend significant time each week coaching soccer teams and volunteer on a not for profit board within the community. When time permits, I squeeze in the occasional game of golf, dirt biking, and skiing.


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