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Todd Brush
Ottawa, ON
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After completing my Commerce degree at Laurentian University in 2000, I immediately began my career in financial planning and wealth management. It was the Dot.Com era, and discussing value-based investing, wealth preservation and risk management was difficult. Mutual fund and stock returns in the technology sector were incredible and most investors were happily over-invested in the euphoria.

In 2002, I obtained my Certified Financial Planner designation. My passion was in assisting my clients in the development and execution of strategies that would integrate their investments, life insurance, pensions, estates assets and their businesses to achieve their life’s goals.

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit most of us and selling investments at a loss was the norm, many of my clients needed reassurance and guidance. Helping these clients navigate the pressures and noise of that event was profound to me. Planning, coaching and reassurance in the face of that crisis proved to be very valuable to them, their families, their businesses and their future. Avoiding big mistakes and critical errors was paramount.

Now in my 20th year of providing solid planning and investment guidance, I’ve joined Raintree Financial Solutions. Raintree is an award winning Private Capital Market Dealer that offers investment opportunities in private companies including real estate, private equities, venture capital and real assets. As a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintre, I feel that I have aligned my efforts, values and desire to succeed for my clients with a Private Capital Market Dealer that is motivated to enhance the investment landscape for Canadian investors.



Alternative investments are not at the periphery anymore – they have become mainstream. Though our investment offerings may not be suitable for everyone, they generally complement most portfolios.


Our Corporate Finance team focuses on identifying what we consider to be the best private investments for our clients. Click here to learn more about the companies that we have chosen to offer.


Our investments are continually evolving as opportunities and markets change. Each offering tells a different story. Please take some time and ask one of our Private Wealth Advisors about some of the previous investments that Raintree placed into the market.