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Raintree Financial Solutions is a Private Capital Market Dealer that is dedicated to helping investors build their wealth responsibly through a variety of private investment opportunities. It is our mission to enable, empower and educate our clients to make strong financial decisions.

Raintree is confident in the opportunities provided by alternative investing when approached in a responsible and proactive manner.

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Choosing an investment dealer shouldn’t be difficult, but it can be because so much confusion exists about the Canadian investment industry. You should start by selecting a Private Wealth Advisor that you trust, and who is supported by an organization that cares about the choices you make.
At Raintree, our goal is to provide exemplary service to our clients, while working to educate advisors on the industry and the opportunities within it. Our network of Private Wealth Advisors work within our compliance framework. We believe we are at the forefront of financial innovation and have taken a thought leadership role in an emerging industry.

Our History

Founded in 2010 with the goal of changing the way Canadian’s think about investing their money, Raintree Financial Solutions has since grown to become one of the largest Private Capital Market Dealers in the country with a network of Private Wealth Advisors in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. Raintree Capital Inc. is the parent company of Raintree Financial Solutions, Raintree Wealth Management and Raintree Corporate Finance and was founded in 2016.
In 2013, Raintree decided to create Raintree Corporate Finance to strengthen its service offering to business owners, developers and entrepreneurs. The Canadian capital markets are complex, and we want to help companies navigate these challenges more cohesively.
In an effort to provide a more holistic investing experience to clients, Raintree Wealth Management was created to manage traditional, publicly-traded portfolios.
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Our Mission

We serve the Canadian investor who seeks greater knowledge and understanding of their investments. We work with our clients to find innovative private investment solutions that are right for them. The client experience culminates in clarity and empowerment. We’re proud to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry.
We choose to partner with a network of like-minded advisors who are engaged, caring and educated. By doing this, we help Raintree achieve sustainable revenue growth and increased advisor and client loyalty, which all contribute to Raintree Financial Solutions’ stability and ability to serve the marketplace.
Our drive to create win-win relationships is how we have built our business. It is this commitment that helps us grow and build lasting connections with clients, dealers, partners and investment providers.
Finally, we are changing the way Canadians think about investing their money.