Skyward Equity Partners: Our Investment Strategy Unveiled

By Skyward Equity Partners In a world that is constantly evolving, the Canadian industrial sector remains a cornerstone of economic stability... Read More
Company Valuation
Key Principles for Company Valuation

By Rocky Chan, Head of Corporate Finance In the dynamic world of business, understanding the value of your company is not... Read More
Durum Capital Inc.: Navigating the Wealth Landscape through Innovative Industrial Real Estate Investments
Navigating the Wealth Landscape through Innovative Industrial Real Estate Investments

By Zoe Hardowa, Communications and Marketing Manager at Durum Capital Inc.  Calgary-based company, Durum Capital Inc. stands tall as an asset... Read More
Investing in and Navigating Energy Markets
Navigating North American Energy Markets in 2023 and Beyond

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Investing in the Dental Industry
The Potential Advantages of Investing in the Dental Industry

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managing investment risk
Managing Risk for Your Investment Portfolio: Importance, Strategies, and Tips

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Rising interest rate impacts on investors
What Investors Need to Know About Borrowing Amid Rising Interest Rates

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Private Mortgage Lending
Private Mortgage Lending: A Fresh Approach for an Old Strategy with New Opportunities

By: Brian Menges, President, Caplink Financial Corporation Private mortgage lending has a storied history in the portfolios of many Canadian investors... Read More
Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust
Harvesting Alpha from Canada’s Agricultural Heartland

With its proven active management capabilities and culture of partnership, Avenue Living is reaping the benefits of farmland. For investors seeking... Read More
US Retail - Christopher Wood - Managing Partner - Revesco Properties
The US Consumer and Their Effect on Retail Centers

US Retail Overview Retail touches each and every one of us in daily life. When you put gas in the car,... Read More
Mergers and Acquisitions - Canadian M&A Market
Is the Canadian M&A Market Softening?

At first glance, Q1 2022 was a challenging quarter for Canadian M&A. Between January 1 and March 31, 406 transactions were... Read More
Inflation and Interest Rate Impacts
Storm Clouds On the Horizon: What Asset & Investment Managers Are Preparing For

We believe everyone by now knows that inflation has seeped into the economy, shortages of certain manufactured goods persist, interest rates... Read More
Agricultural Sector Economic Outlook in Canada
Agricultural Sector Economic Outlook in Canada

Questions Regarding Canada's Agricultural Sector Economic Outlook As the weather warms up and a new growing season begins, many individuals are... Read More
Investing, Investment Opportunity, Canadian Resources, Canadian Natural Resources, Flow Through Funds, Tax Saving Investments
Tax-Saving Strategies Using Flow-Through Funds

When most people think of tax-saving strategies, they think of RRSP or TFSA. However, tax-saving strategies that some investors may not... Read More
A Dual Approach to Socially Responsible Investing

Invico Capital Corporation is an award-winning Canadian investment fund management firm providing alternative investing and financing solutions in North America. It... Read More
Socially Responsible Impact Investing – The AgriRoots Story

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. (AgriRoots) is an alternative lending organization focused on Canadian agricultural mortgages and positioned to be complementary lenders... Read More
Newlook Dental COVID Update

As most are aware, Newlook Capital Inc. (“Newlook”) has worked closely alongside our operating partners throughout the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19... Read More
Cooper Seeman
Covid-19 – The Ultimate Test of Portfolio Construction in Private Equity

March 2020 started innocently enough with the potential impact of Covid-19 only starting to be contemplated, while in hindsight it will... Read More
Agricultural Land as a Hedge Against Inflation
Agricultural Land as a Hedge Against Inflation

The potential for inflation has been a hot topic in the financial industry for several years, but especially since the COVID... Read More
How COVID Has Changed How We Communicate

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives from how we work to how we socialize and everything in between. We... Read More
Thinking about buying or selling a business

THINKING ABOUT BUYING OR SELLING A BUSINESS? RAINTREE CAN HELP! At Raintree, we pride ourselves on offering clients a full suite... Read More
RWM Helps Open the Toronto Stock Exchange

As part of our commitment to stay current on the latest investment industry trends, Raintree Wealth Management, (RWM) maintains active memberships... Read More
Newlook Capital Update on Dental Practice Performance Post COVID-19 Shutdown

Newlook Capital Inc. (“Newlook”) has worked closely alongside our operating partners throughout the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 which involved rapid-fire changes... Read More
Avenue Living’s Rapid Response During Covid-19

With $1.6 billion assets under management that include 10,000 residential rental units, Avenue Living Asset Management acted rapidly during the pandemic... Read More
Thoughtful Leadership in Unprecedented Times

Governments and societies all over the world are facing new realities of doing business in a landscape rife with economic uncertainty... Read More
Predictions for the Future from Raintree Wealth Management

The Coronavirus has taken financial markets by storm. Very little attention was paid to the virus as it developed in China... Read More