Andrew Glen

Andrew Glen


Andrew Glen
1905 Bayview Court
Kelowna, BC
P 250.864.4447
Everyone enjoys a good story.  Andrew Glen lives for them.  Some of his favorite moments are sitting across from clients, swapping stories and planning futures.
“I love when people come in with concerns and go out with solutions… when walls give way to trust… when we can get real and engage in a process together.  I want people to feel peace in dealing with us and let go of some concerns for the future.”
When Andrew isn’t working with and for his clients, he’s soaking up family time.  With four kids ranging from preschooler to university student, he and his wife are always on the go.  Digging into his community through involvement with the food bank and Metro Up, (a financial literacy program designed to help low-income individuals move forward in life), are a few of the ways Andrew gives back.
Andrew brings more than fifteen years of industry experience to the table.  His skills and instincts come from a history that includes banking, financial planning, insurance, and private equity investment advising.  Clients appreciate his genuine interest in helping individuals, families, and business owners protect and grow their wealth. Andrew believes that through clarity, education, and opportunities, anyone can write a great financial story.


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