ilan Handelsman



ilan Handelsman
Victoria, British Columbia
P 778.233.4526
ilan is passionate about investing and has been investing for over 35 years. His interest in the private market began in 2005; Since then, he has personally invested in over 70 alternative or private placements. ilan takes a conservative approach in planning. He invests primarily in companies with experienced management teams and in real estate-backed opportunities. His experience has shown that diversification – in different companies, different investment types, different sectors, and different geographies – is the best way to mitigate risk.
ilan joined Raintree Financial Solutions in October of 2012. He quickly built up his advising practice and became a highly regarded advisor at the firm. He meets with a group of Raintree’s top-performing investment advisors and Raintree management to share successes and to help improve Raintree’s services. In 2018 Jennifer Reynolds joined ilan’s practice and is now a 50/50 partner. ilan & Jen thoroughly enjoy working together and share the belief that investing can (and should) be fun.
ilan and Jen take a holistic approach to investment planning and work to ensure that each of their clients has the right advisors on their team. They have an outstanding network of professionals that they refer to for wills & estates, insurance, domestic & cross-boarder tax planning and portfolio management.
In the summer of 2017 ilan was invited to join Raintree’s senior management team. He worked in an advisor-facing capacity shaping policy and providing training, mentorship and strategic planning for the firm’s national team of Private Wealth Advisors (Aug 2017 – Jul 2021). This was an extremely rewarding role that gave ilan insight into the advising practices of the most professional and successful of Raintree’s advisors.
ilan specializes in the following sectors: real estate (multi-family, commercial, industrial, storage, farmland), alternative lending and mortgages, and private equity. His investments include manufacturing companies, business-to-business services, retail and technology. He avoids investing in companies that harm people or the planet: specifically, no private investments in oil, gas, or mining.
ilan feels it is important that he adheres to his personal values in his investment practice. He is family-focused with two young children. He lives in Victoria, BC where he enjoys canoeing, hiking and cycling. Other pleasures in life include sharing great home-cooked meals and staying connected with friends and family across the country.


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