Jason Kelemen

Jason Kelemen


Jason Kelemen
Edmonton, AB
P 780.700.4347
E: jkelemen@raintreefs.com
Equipped with his diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology from NAIT, Jason initially embarked on a different career path, gaining valuable expertise through positions at Dow Chemical and Imperial Oil. However, it was during his tenure at Shaw Cable that a defining opportunity presented itself. Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished as he seized the chance to launch his drilling company, honing his business acumen and paving the way for a future within the wealth advisory industry. He experienced firsthand the challenges and sacrifices inherent in building a business from the ground up. This invaluable experience enables Jason
to empathize with his clients, recognizing the intricate dynamics of harmonizing work and
family responsibilities.
Throughout his life, Jason has cultivated an unwavering passion for learning about wealth and exploring strategies to foster its growth. Jason prioritizes ongoing education as an integral part of his professional journey and shares a passion for continuous learning. He has recently achieved his life insurance license, accident and sickness license.
Jason understands that trust and honesty form the bedrock of any successful client-advisor relationship. He wants to build a lasting partnership founded on trust and integrity with his clients. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, Jason eagerly looks forward to providing his clients with the dedication and expertise they rightfully deserve, knowing that their dreams and values are at the forefront of every decision.
Jason is a devoted family man, who cherishes his role as a husband and father to three
wonderful children. During his leisure moments, he actively engages in various pursuits, such as honing his golfing skills, reading, and embarking on enriching travel experiences. Additionally, he takes delight in sharing sporting activities with his wife and children, attending and supporting his children in all their endeavors, and creating cherished memories through special trips with his beloved spouse.


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