Jeff Toews



Jeff Toews
500 666 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC
P 778.231.7073
Jeff Toews was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver area and grew up with a strong sense of family and community. Jeff realized his entrepreneurial desire to succeed from a very early age and began with opening small businesses serving his community. Through the early loss of his father to cancer, Jeff saw first hand what could happen to a family’s finances if they do not have a comprehensive financial plan that prepares them for the unexpected.
Upon seeing the great need to help others, he started learning and sharing his deepening financial knowledge with those around him. Jeff wanted to empower individuals through solid financial education by offering what he deems to be the most effective financial solutions available. Jeff loves to share and teach others how to gain more financial knowledge, through simple discussions, open and honest dialog, and deep technical expertise.
In 2009, Jeff joined Drake Wellington Group of Companies, and not long after was introduced to Raintree Financial Solutions. The goals of Raintree were so closely matched to his own in terms of personal integrity, values, ethics and investing strategies that Jeff knew he wanted to partner and assist investors in this specialized field.
Jeff is happily married and a proud father to three young children. His family is his primary motivation to continue to grow in the financial field and he plans to instill his industrious values in the lives of his children. Jeff also volunteers his time and resources with several charitable organizations, providing leadership and a meaningful impact in his community.


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