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Matthew Hammond

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Matthew Hammond
Edmonton, AB
P 780.974.0872

From a very young age through today, Matt has excelled with numbers and finance. Instead of dreaming of becoming a firefighter or astronaut, he envisioned becoming a mathematician. From jumping at the opportunity to be treasurer of the elementary school student association, to managing the community house rent and utility payments in university, numbers have always come easily, as well as the calling of trust and integrity in managing others’ finances.
Since those early days, Matt has taught college-level accounting and finance, built a small rental property portfolio, and practiced for four years as an accountant, ultimately changing course into financial planning, insurance, and investment advice.
In 2014, Matt joined Raintree Financial Solutions as a Private Wealth Advisor. He chose to work with Raintree because of the quality people, strong core values, and progressive approach to investment management that makes Raintree a dynamic and unique presence in the financial services industry. Since then, he has become insurance licensed and obtained the Certified Financial Planner designation, founding Sunesis Financial in 2017 to serve his clients in those areas.
Taking dedicated time upfront for the financial planning process, Matt guides his clients through a thorough analysis on their current situation and trajectory, creating a plan to alter that course in greater alignment with their goals, and presenting a plan that includes various options and solutions that will achieve them.
Although there are many common threads, every client deserves a unique solution tailored to their current situation, future goals, and desired experience along the way to achieving them. Many clients appreciate working with Matt because of the diligent planning process, proactive service and peace of mind created, knowing they are on track to meet their goals through regular review and tweaks as life evolves.
Matt is an avid learner and continually investing in professional development and continuing education to best serve his clients, currently working on the Chartered Life Underwriter designation. Outside of the financial world, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and four young children, snowboarding, backpacking, golfing and playing baseball.


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