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Product Overview

The Millennium III Group of Companies was founded in 1981 by a group of Western Canadian business people in order to participate collectively in the ownership of commercial real estate.
Traditionally, investors who wish to become involved in this market are faced with a number of challenges. These include the requirement for large capital outlays, financing, and knowledge of the market, as well as an understanding of the complexities of commercial asset and property management. This leaves specialist developers or large financial organizations, such as banks and pension funds, to appropriate the bulk of profits, capital gains, and tax benefits available in this highly lucrative field.
An investment with Millennium III offers you the opportunity to profit from this market through partnership.

Investment Thesis

The Millennium III Group is one of the largest commercial landlords in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with a proven track record of investments in 89 projects. On behalf of more than 1,600 investors, they currently own and manage:
– Over $350 million in investment property in Saskatchewan and Alberta
– 70 commercial properties
– 1.6 million square feet of leasable space with more than 500 industrial, office, and retail tenants
They have been helping investors profit through partnership for over 40 years.


Investors find comfort in the consistency of the management team of The Millennium III Group. The founder, Everett Kearley, is still the acting Chairman of the group, and the longstanding leadership of the ownership family has been continued with his son, John Kearley, now acting as President, with over 25 years with the group in a full time capacity. The group also has four divisional Vice-Presidents who each average over 20 years of experience with the group, in addition to their related work histories before joining Millennium III. Investing with their group provides investors one of the longest tenured and experienced teams offering a commercial real estate investment model in Western Canada.

Structure of the Offering

– Each of their investments into one partnership unit is $24,700.
– The year of the investment, the investor receives a tax deduction of approximately $12,000, which is used on their personal income tax to reduce their taxable income.
– The majority of tenants in the property are already in place, so the rental income helps pay down the mortgage, with a little left over every year.
– The mortgage on the property typically pays out in about 14 years, with approximately $400 left over for investors each year during that time. But as mentioned above, the mortgage payout starts the next phase of the investment of income production.
– If all goes according to their projections, and based on our experience with other investments – in their group, each of the $24,700 investment units is targeted to produce approximately $5,000 of net rental revenue per unit, per year, and the potential for continued growth year after year.
– They still operate some of the initial commercial properties as income producers, so a structured exit plan is offset by the ongoing income stream.

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