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Newlook Capital Industrial & Infrastructure Services Fund III

Product Overview

Newlook Capital, through the Industrial and Infrastructure Services Fund III, seeks to acquire companies operating in the industrial and infrastructure services space that are doing the following:

– Producing strong free cash flow
– Have a large percentage of revenue coming from recurring sources
– Are operating within industries where the service work is required by government mandated law or code
– Employment is secured with long-term contracts

Newlook then partners with the current owner/operators to help them create, and implement a strategic business plan to expand and grow their businesses. Newlook operates businesses in both Canada and the U.S.A. and they utilize the cash flow of the businesses to support the distributions to their investors. Each platform of companies within the portfolio is strategically purchased for an eventual exit (sale) to a strategic competitor or other private equity firm.


Newlook has 6 partners:

CEO – Elroy Gust: Over 20 years of M&A experience with transactions totalling $150MM. Before Newlook Elroy co-founded a multi-family real estate investment group with approximately $500MM in AUM.

CIO – Abbas Osman: Over 20 years of investment experience. Prior to Newlook Abbas was responsible for the management of the investment department of the Abudawood Group. Abbas has been involved in many M&A transactions, totalling over $400MM.

VP External Sales – Gavin Treanor: Over 15 years of experience in commodities based M&A with transactions totalling over $400MM. Gavin is an aerospace engineer by trade, but has founded, raised substantial capital for, and sold several businesses in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Managing Director – Oliver Blum: Oliver has significant experience in both operations and finance roles within the industrial sector, as well as the VP of Commercial Lending at a major Canadian bank. Oliver is also a graduate of the Harvard MBA program.

Structure of the Offering

Industrial and Infrastructure Fund III offers investors an 8% targeted annual yield via a quarterly distribution, plus participation in any NAV appreciation. There is a $10,000 minimum for the fund, and series in Canadian and US dollars are available to investors. Newlook does monthly closes for the fund, and given the evergreen structure closes, these will continue to happen in an ongoing fashion. If you’d like to learn more about their businesses, or Newlook, please reach out to Kyle at

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