Ryan Gaunce



Ryan Gaunce
Suite 108 4818-50 Ave
Red Deer, Alberta
P 403.506.0905
E rgaunce@raintreeFS.com

Ryan Gaunce has been a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions since 2012. He personally advises clients on investment strategies through Raintree Financial Solutions, while offering insurance and financial planning needs through Raintree Insurance Services. His areas of expertise include diversified investment strategies, retirement planning, wealth transfer and overall comprehensive financial planning.

Ryan graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelors of Engineering in 2006. Upon graduation, Ryan worked as a Sales Engineer, working with both local and international clients. He then went on to get registered as an exempt market dealing representative and acquire his insurance license.

He will help clients develop a comprehensive financial plan and perform annual plan reviews using the latest software.  This will include evaluating the client’s current financial position and recommending strategies for investment management, tax planning, estate planning, risk management. Once a plan is implemented Ryan holds annual progress meetings, where clients can review results and evaluate progress toward meeting their specific financial goals.  Ryan educates clients on financial planning principles, investment philosophy, portfolio strategies and market views.  He also advises and supports his corporate clients on their retirement plan, group benefits plan, corporate transition plan, and wealth transfer plan.

Attention to detail, good listening skills and a strong understanding of clients needs have earned him a number of awards including the Raintree Rookie of the Year Award, Raintree Compliance Awards, Yearly Raintree Gold Leaf Club for being one of the top producers in the country and the Al Derges Memorial Award, which demonstrates character, loyalty and an outstanding commitment to values.

Ryan and his wife, Kathy, have four children, Abygail, Lexy, Benjamyn and Stephany. He believes in being an active member of his community, Red Deer, Alberta, and volunteers in a number of capacities. He enjoys outdoor sports, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

For any immediate needs Ryan can be contacted at 403-986-1437, or by email at rgaunce@raintreefs.com. He is excited to meet you and serve you with the diligence and excellence he has become known for.



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