Spencer McIntosh

Spencer McIntosh


Spencer McIntosh
Kelowna, BC
P 778.931.0039
E smcintosh@raintreefs.com
The financial landscape in Canada has changed drastically over the last 30-40 years. No longer can one expect to find a job, buy a house, and start a family without concentrated thought and planning into their financial well-being. The investment landscape has changed, and it’s crucial that investors change with it or else risk being left behind.
As a young person, I recognize the necessity of being innovative and not expecting to be successful in the same way my family and friends in previous generations have achieved success. The way financial plans were built 30 years ago is not feasible in today’s day and age. I believe that in order to differentiate yourself as an investor and position yourself for continued success, one needs to look beyond traditional offerings.
My search for a company that embodied these values and beliefs brought me to Raintree.
Offering unique solutions to today’s problems, Raintree recognizes the importance of challenging the status-quo.
As a professional, I am committed to fostering long-term relationships with my clients built around trust, integrity, and open communication. I am a strong believer in the power of financial literacy. I work with all my clients to help educate them and ensure they have a thorough understanding of their exempt market portfolios, and are confident moving forward with each and every investment decision.
As an individual, I enjoy the sunny Okanagan summer filled with tennis, bike rides, disc golf, and maybe a few boat rides if I’m lucky!


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