Alternative Investments

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Discover the potential of adding alternative investments to your portfolio.




Alternative investments fall under the ‘Explore’ component of your portfolio and are generally private (non-market traded) securities. These investments are established based on distinctive strategies that may not be available in traditional stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. These investments can be equity or debt securities, and they can be complicated or straightforward.

Alternative investments are not at the periphery anymore – they have become more mainstream. With the introduction of regulations in 2009, private investments are now available to more than just institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Our investments can complement investors portfolios; however, they may not be suitable for everyone. Properly selected, they can diversify a portfolio.2 This benefit is just one reason why sophisticated investors* have been using alternative investments for many years.4

Alternative investments have the Potential to display one or more of the following benefits:

Note: Not all securities will reflect these elements, and it is important to discuss risks with your representative to ensure an investment is right for you.**

Receive Beneficial Tax Treatment

Potential to Provide Unique Income Sources

Pre-IPO or High Growth Opportunities

Provide Investors Access to New Markets

May Provide Unique Risk-Adjusted Return Profiles


*Your experience, financial circumstances, time horizon, level of risk tolerance, and investment objectives may be materially different than institutional investors who have implemented these strategies.

Raintree Financial Solutions is an independent Private Capital Market Dealer.

Our success begins with asking the right questions and listening carefully to our clients. We can then form informed opinions and provide unbiased and direct alternative investment advice.


Over the past 20 years, traditional investments have displayed increasing correlation to one another. An event that takes place in one country can affect the financial system here at home. Private investments may be less affected by what appear to be unrelated events elsewhere.


All investments have associated risks. Ensuring our investors are aware of the risks related to their investment is part of our philosophy and commitment to being open and transparent. It is our duty to ensure that all of our clients understand how their investments work and to supply them with the necessary resources to educate themselves on industry regulations.

Q & A

It’s essential that you educate yourself on a potential investment and the company involved by asking questions such as “who is the management team?”, “what is their business model?” and “what are the risks?” before investing. We are here to ensure you make knowledgeable and empowered decisions, which is why we advise you to question your Private Wealth Advisor before you make any investment.