Past Investments

All investments tell a story, and no two are exactly alike.

Raintree matches great managers with even greater ideas to capital in order to finance their business or investment model. We have developed expertise in sourcing, structuring and selecting superior investments with a variety of benefits. We are continuously scouring the market to identify trends and opportunities that can be exploited to create wealth. Sometimes what presents itself today is gone tomorrow. View some of our capital ideas below.





Raintree Financial Solutions & ICM Realty Trust

Sometimes the best investment opportunities arise when the economy appears the bleakest. ICM, led by a strong team of professionals, recognized this in 2012 when they decided to invest heavily in real estate located in the South East United States. Acknowledging that it’s not enough to take a scattergun approach, ICM targeted medical or grocery anchored commercial real estate that was resilient in most markets, but was still being undervalued due to existing economic conditions. They also identified opportunities that had specific activities that could drive enhanced value.
ICM VI has now completely exited at significant return to investors.
ICM approached Raintree Financial Solutions to raise capital in its series. ICM VI was the first retail fund marketed by ICM Realty Trust in Canada. Raintree assisted ICM in raising over $14 million of equity to be deployed in the strategy. They say timing is everything, but we think timing only works with a great strategy. ICM delivered that in spades.


Raintree Financial Solutions & Agcapita Farmland Funds

Over the last 20 years, farmland has generated better absolute and risk-adjusted returns than all other real estate sectors. The Agcapita series of funds were developed to purchase and rent out arable farmland in Western Canada, benefiting from rental income and capital appreciation. Agriculture land investments are backed by strong global commodity demand, and offer a unique combination of return, stability and growth with the benefit of asset-backed downside protection. Agcapita is one of Canada’s only RRSP eligible farmland investment funds.
Raintree Financial Solutions has had the privilege to offer Agcapita’s farmland funds to Canadian investors searching for an alternative investment with conservative risk for almost six years. Agcapita has provided significant realized returns to investors of its first two funds. Agcapita provides investors with a geographically-diversified, low correlation, conservative risk portfolio of real assets with reasonable risk-adjusted returns. And as Mark Twain once said about investing in land, “they’re not making it anymore.”


Raintree Financial Solutions & Sussex Retirement Living

Over 747,000 Canadians suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease – the majority of those living with these afflictions are seniors.
Canada has a robust seniors living industry, however residents are demanding more specialized care. Memory Care residences are purpose-built to provide individuals afflicted with cognitive impairment the highest standard of care.
Developed by Sussex Retirement Living, the Nanaimo Memory Care residence will be one of Canada’s first stand-alone Memory Care facilities, designed to give residents a home-like atmosphere, while still providing features conducive to the care of individuals afflicted with cognitive impairment.
Raintree Financial Solutions began working with Sussex in 2014 to provide investors with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from cognitive impairment.


Raintree Financial Solutions & Capstone Funds

As they say, timing is everything. Capstone investments started buying single-family homes in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010, with a simple vision – buy distressed properties with no leverage and rent the pool of homes. At the time, the American economy was struggling, the banking industry was in disarray and housing prices were bottoming out. Five years on, the economy has recovered, the banking industry has reorganized itself and home prices have recovered significantly – it seems so simple in hindsight.
Raintree Financial Solutions distributed Capstone investments from 2011 to 2014. We are continuously searching the market for opportunities to capitalize on value investment opportunities. This is a key component of our role in the capital markets. Capstone is a great example of buying at the right time, with a solid strategy and reducing downside risk by not taking on leverage.


Our team of Executives are experienced in the private capital market and are focused on changing the way Canadians think about investing their money.


Alternative investments are not at the periphery anymore – they have become mainstream. Though our investment offerings may not be suitable for everyone, they generally complement most portfolios.


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