Adam Derges

Adam Derges


Adam Derges
10243 – 178 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
P 780.902.5749

Adam Derges is one of the founding partners of Raintree Financial Solutions. He lives on an acreage just outside of Edmonton with his wife Ashley and their four kids.

Adam’s vision when he co-founded Raintree was to create an investing environment that his clients deserved — one of fairness, transparency and clarity.

Adam lives by four simple rules that were instilled in him by his late father, Al Derges:

1. You are who you hang around with.
2. You are what you think about.
3. Good things happen to good people.
4. Everything happens for a reason.

Adam has worked in the Private Capital Markets for the past 12 years. He’s the only person in the firm who is both an executive with Raintree and a Private Wealth Advisor. His passion lies in helping clients. Raintree was built from the clients’ perspective — an approach that was created with the design and insight Adam brought to the table. He has a very unique understanding of this industry and uses that perspective to help his clients in meaningful ways.

Adam is originally from Saskatchewan, but has called Edmonton home since 2005. He is an avid golfer. He is genuinely interested in improving the lives of everyone around him and nothing makes him happier than when he gets to help someone he cares about.



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