Alain St Pierre

Alain St. Pierre


Alain St Pierre
Cumberland, BC
P 778.838.4277
Alain St. Pierre combines tech smarts with financial expertise to guide clients through their investment journeys. Starting his career as a senior software engineer, Alain excelled in solving complex problems—a skill that proved invaluable when he transitioned to the financial sector. His experience in real estate and private lending has played a significant role in his own financial development. Now, as a Private Wealth Advisor, he applies his extensive understanding of private capital markets to provide access to quality investment opportunities for his clients.
Alain is committed to transparency and integrity, building trust through openness. He is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge needed to manage their investments effectively, helping them on their paths to financial independence. An entrepreneur at heart, Alain thrives on exploring new growth opportunities for both his clients and himself.
Outside the office, Alain is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder who enjoys traveling and experiencing adventures with his family. These activities underscore his commitment to a balanced and active lifestyle. Beyond his professional role, Alain enjoys helping others improve their financial knowledge through clear and honest discussions and is a dedicated family man at home, teaching his four sons the values of responsibility and hard work.


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