Anuar Konoev

Anuar Konoev


Anuar Konoev
Suite 108 4818-50 Ave
Red Deer, Alberta
P 403.872.5717
Anuar is a fourth-generation investor with a particular gift for numbers and finance. He personally advises clients on investment strategies through Raintree Financial Solutions, while offering insurance and financial planning needs through Raintree Insurance Services.
His areas of expertise from his work with Bridgeline Wealth Strategies include diversified investment strategies, retirement planning, wealth transfer and estate planning. Anuar found quick success for his clients by helping them get an overall comprehensive financial plan. Once a plan is implemented, Anuar holds annual progress meetings where clients can review results and evaluate progress toward meeting their specific financial goals. Anuar educates clients on financial planning principles, investment philosophy, and exempt market portfolio strategies.
Anuar is currently working on finishing his degree at Red Deer Polytechnic and Athabasca University. He divides his time between the Red Deer office and manages the Milk River office.
Anuar and his wife, Nicole believe in being active members of their community, with volunteering in a number of capacities. They enjoy hiking, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.


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