Art Reimer

Art Reimer - Edmonton Financial Advisor


Art Reimer
10243-178 Street
Edmonton, AB
P 780.668.5419
Art Reimer has a unique and diverse professional background not commonly found in the financial industry. After graduating from Briercrest College with a Bachelor of Religious Education, Art spent time in several pastoral roles before becoming an executive level pastor/leader of one of Canada’s largest churches. In this role, he managed a team of staff and numerous volunteers, meanwhile aiding in the strategic development and growth of the organization in both Edmonton and Vietnam. This experience has guided Art’s belief that regardless of his career, his values will always remain the same – to treat people with integrity and respect and to give back to the community.
In 2011, Art made the decision to utilize his professional experience and started a new career with Raintree Financial Solutions as a Private Wealth Advisor. He committed to helping clients find solutions for their financial needs. Eleven years later, Art’s values and passion to give back remain. Much of Art’s success stems from his ability to connect with his clients, build lasting trust, and taking complicated financial advice and tailoring it to make sense to anyone.
In our business, it’s all about understanding people and their values and aspirations. Art’s greatest strengths are connecting with clients and then connecting those clients to the products that meet their needs. As a husband and father of four young children, Art understands that everyone is busy and needs a professional in their corner to help facilitate the actions and steps needed to reach their goals.
Art continually invests in professional development and finds time to continue to lead and give back to his clients and community. Outside the office, Art enjoys spending time with his family, reads voraciously, loves going biking, hiking and enjoys volunteering in a number of different settings including volunteering on nonprofit boards


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