Curtis Haigh

Curtis Haigh


Curtis Haigh
285 – 2366 Avenue C North,
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 5X5
P 306.230.4897
I joined the financial industry with my father in 2001, shortly after the ‘dot com’ bubble and a month before September 11th. It was an interesting time to join the industry as I saw first hand how connected the world economy was and how fear and emotion impact our clients’ savings. In 2004, I began serving individuals and families as a financial advisor. It was a great time to expand into the industry as I was beginning to plan for my own future and was able to relate to my clients. I pride myself on having close and personal relationship with each of my clients, never acting like a sales person and always being accessible anytime of day or night – something I think is really important to people.
Having recently navigated the ‘great recession’ of 2008 and seeing the impact that had on my clients’ portfolios, I began to seek out other options to compliment my portfolio offerings. In 2010, I came across a brand new regulated industry called the Exempt Market and decided to join an Exempt Market Dealer so I could start offering alternative investments. After a few years and some thorough research, I decided to move to Raintree Financial Solutions due to their excellent reputation in the industry as leaders in the Private Capital Markets. I knew that the time, effort, and resources they offer clients and advisors were second-to-none, and it was a direction I wanted to take my business.
Raintree has offered me the opportunity to speak proudly about the industry and where it is headed. Raintree prides itself on education and not sales volume, which is important to my diversified practice. The company consistently makes me feel important and that they are looking out for my clients. What I like best about Raintree is that they are always trying to evolve and be leaders in the Private Capital Market.


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