David Wingate

Dave Wingate


David Wingate
Victoria, BC
P 250.216.4220
E dwingate@raintreeFS.com
David Wingate has been a Dealing Representative within the Private Capital Market for over 7 years now.  He started his career with Walton International where he specialized in real estate investments.  He wrote and passed his Canadian Securities exams while at Walton.  David then moved on to Pennant Capital Partners Inc., because he felt they offered a diversified range of investments that he could provide his clientele. Pennant Capital Partners Inc. specialized in lending strategies, oil & gas, multi-family real estate, mortgages, REITs, etc. Pennant then merged with Raintree Financial Solutions to form one of the largest Private Capital Market Dealerships in Canada.  David has been extremely happy working with Raintree because of the strength of their due diligence process.
The Private Capital Market has grown very fast in the last seven years, and David thinks Raintree has been a vital part of making it a success.  Raintree has worked with regulators to build a better and stronger Exempt Market, which David believes, raised the bar for many of the offerings that are available.
David and his wife Judy have been in Victoria for most of their lives and have many friends and acquaintances.  David spent 32 years with one of Canada’s leading consumer goods companies in marketing before moving on to his passion of private market investments.
David is an avid golfer and is a member of Gorge Vale Golf course where he did a term on the Board of Directors.  David also likes to Windsurf and is a constant regular at his local Gym.  David has been active with Charity work helping to raise over $400k for the Braefoot Community Center with his 100 holes of the golf event.


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