Dean Pollard

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Dean Pollard
865 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB
P 204.955.5513

I was born and raised in Manitoba. I currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my wonderful wife Katherine and two kids Asher and Abigail. Most of my spare time is spent with my family or volunteering with my kids’ activities.

In 1998 I was working at an automotive dealership. As I worked and grew into a management role there I was very diligent in saving for my future. I, like many Canadians, went to my financial institution and invested with an advisor in mutual funds like my parents taught me to do. At the same time I had bought a home and was renting it as part of my portfolio. Unfortunately, in 2008/2009 I lost almost half of my portfolio that I had with an investment advisor. It was at this point that I made it my mission to understand investments and dedicate myself to learning and helping others who were in the same situation as myself.

After much education and searching, I joined Raintree in 2012 and became a Private Wealth Advisor. I felt I could align myself with their very transparent approach towards investors. I have continued to build out my personal real estate portfolio at the same time as helping my clients build a diversified, tax efficient portfolio.

Traditional financial institutions do not often promote private investments, which my opinion is a compliment to the public market options. I am happy to be able to provide my clients access to both public* and private options in order to assemble a portfolio that is the most suited to their situation.

I would love to connect with you and show you what I have learned in my journey.

* Public securities are made available by referral to registered Canadian Portfolio Managers.



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