Jennifer Reynolds



Jennifer Reynolds
Vancouver, British Columbia
P 778.839.5323
Like many people, I set out to find investment opportunities that aligned with my social, environmental, and other values while still growing my wealth to meet my needs.
It was a challenge. But I found a way to invest that struck the right balance between my values and my investment returns, and allowed me to understand what my money is doing when it’s invested. I’ve been an avid commuter cyclist and community gardener, and have also been professionally involved in biodiversity preservation for many years. For those of us who put a lot of effort into aligning our life choices with our values, why shouldn’t our financial decisions be the same?
My unrelenting search for a way to grow wealth without harming people or the planet led me to learn about alternative investments and Raintree Financial Solutions’ total investment philosophy. From there, necessity turned into interest, which grew into passion; I discovered that I love helping people live their values without sacrificing investment returns.
Like me, Raintree is committed to building long-term relationships with clients and serving them with integrity, and I found my home there as a Private Wealth Advisor. Raintree’s excellent reputation in all matters compliance, and in understanding and working within regulation was important to me because it not only protects my practice, but my clients.
It is possible to invest in a way you can feel good about, but it can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. My speciality is in meeting you at whatever stage you’re starting out at, helping you learn at your pace, and empowering you to take control of your financial future and make good investment decisions that grow your wealth while reflecting who you are.


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