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Durum Carbon

Product Overview

Durum Carbon LP (“Durum Carbon”) was created to provide investors with unique exposure to the rapidly growing asset class of carbon credits. Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy and tightening environmental regulations have led to the creation of a unique market opportunity for the purchase and sale of carbon credits in Canada. Durum Carbon LP ultimately seeks to participate in this market through the strategic acquisition and management of a carbon credit portfolio.

Investment Thesis

Through active management, Durum Carbon is an investment vehicle that is able to participate in a broader range of carbon markets compared to other direct carbon credit investment options such as the exchange-traded funds currently available in the market. Durum Carbon’s main investment approach is simple:
1. To purchase carbon credits in the Alberta compliance market under a buy-and-hold strategy;
2. Actively monitor the regulatory environment and rebalance the portfolio as regulations evolve;
3. Ultimately profit from Canada’s proposed carbon price escalation and tightening environmental regulations in the federal and provincial market.
Durum Carbon is a 4-year closed-end limited partnership, a timeline that provides investors with exposure to the anticipated carbon price escalation up until 2026, where the carbon price is expected to increase from $50 today to $110, an annual increase of 22%. Carbon credits will be purchased from environmental project developers and high-performing industrial facilities and then eventually sold to industrial facilities with higher relative carbon intensities, commodity brokers & marketers, and other market participants.


Durum Capital is a Calgary-based boutique alternative asset manager with over $300 million of assets under administration across a diversified portfolio of investments. We strive towards building, rehabilitating and growing businesses with the ultimate purpose of creating enduring value for generations. With a 20-year track record working in private equity, over 16 years of experience operating in energy and alternatives, and over $1 million invested from Management, Directors and Affiliates, Durum Carbon is backed by an experienced and aligned project team.

Structure of the Offering

Durum Investment Opportunity Structure of the Offering
* Securities offered comprises an offering of up to $50,000,000 of aggregate proceeds through the sale of Class C Units and Class D Units
** Lesser amounts may be accepted at the discretion of Management

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