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Durum Industrial REIT

Product Overview

Since it’s 2017 inception, the Durum Industrial REIT has grown to more than $100M in assets under management through the strategic acquisition of Western Canadian industrial real estate. The REIT is uniquely positioned to benefit from demand accelerated by the shift to e-commerce, supply chain issues and the shift to local production and warehousing, and strong economic growth across the prairie provinces.

Investment Thesis

Durum Industrial REIT operates under the strategy of purchasing quality real estate assets in strategic locations with good quality covenants in order to provide enduring value for our investors. Management employs a three-part strategy when it comes to purchasing its properties:
– The first is a focus on buying right – meaning that we look to purchase below replacement cost in markets with the opportunity for asset appreciation.
– We focus on strategic capital expenditures to upgrade building conditions and/or financial restructuring if required
– We secure quality tenants and build solid relationships both with tenants, lenders and industry partners that support the longevity of their business and provide portfolio stability with the potential for increased rental rates over time.


Durum Capital Inc. is an asset manager focused on investments that require unique skills to uncover true value. Bridging the gap between structure and change, Durum offers expertise in financing, governance and operational efficiencies, ultimately creating enduring value in private markets.
Durum Capital had been managing real estate since 2012 and decided to create a specific entity focused on the acquisition and operation of industrial properties throughout North America. Our project team brings over 40 years of experience managing commercial/industrial real estate. In addition, management, directors and affiliates have over $12 Million invested within the project, ultimately leading to a dedicated and aligned team.

Structure of the Offering

Durum Industrial REIT

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