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Product Overview

Invico Capital Corporation is an award-winning Canadian investment fund management firm providing alternative investing and financing solutions in Canada and the U.S. Founded in 2005 with the objective of introducing alternative investment opportunities to retail investors, Invico offers a range of private debt, private equity, and energy financing solutions that assist corporations in pursuing strategic acquisitions, financing capital expenditures and growth programs, and supporting working capital requirements. Invico is a registered Portfolio Manager (PM), Investment Fund Manager (IFM), and Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) and is an official signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The firm currently manages over $1.77 billion in private capital (as at April 30, 2022) and is the IFM for seven funds, including its award-winning signature fund, the Invico Diversified Income Fund (“IDIF”), which has over $378 million in assets under management (as at April 30, 2022).
With an almost nine-year track record of performance, IDIF offers investors a unique opportunity to access a well-diversified portfolio of high-yielding assets and monthly cash flow from a combination of two-thirds privately negotiated debt and one-third direct participation in oil and gas wells. Over the years, IDIF’s differentiated alternative investment product strategy has proven itself despite challenging market conditions; in fact, since its inception in 2013, the Fund has never missed a redemption request or monthly distribution and recently celebrated its 100th consecutive distribution. In Q1 2022, IDIF also announced an additional distribution to unitholders of record as at March 31, 2022, reflecting a period of value growth directly attributable to its energy exposure. IDIF has been recognized for excellence in the industry and placed second in the Best 3-Year and Best 5-Year, Private Debt categories at the 2021 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards (CHFA), as well as third in the Best 3-Year and second in the Best 5-Year, Private Debt categories at the 2019 CHFA, and placed first in the Diversified Mature Category at the 2016 Private Capital Markets Awards.

Investment Criteria

IDIF was established to provide investors with a high level of current income and the potential for moderate capital appreciation by investing in high-yielding opportunities in a well-diversified manner. Invico’s Investment Team accomplishes this via a portfolio of niche private debt investments and energy working interests across North America. IDIF focuses on partnering with well-established companies and qualified management teams that have a track record of success and need financing to accomplish a transformational event, such as a significant expansion or strategic acquisition.
IDIF leverages a flexible investment approach that allows us to customize financing options to fit the needs of almost any business or transaction and can enable an expedited close in as little as three weeks from the time of term sheet execution. Due to our speed and flexibility, IDIF has been able to capitalize on investment opportunities quickly and provide investors with unique financial opportunities that traditional banks or competitive funds often overlook. While some deals are closed in heavily invested sectors, like energy and real estate, we can play up to our nimbleness by investing in niche markets, like film production and energy technology, ensuring our investors can access diversified opportunities.


At Invico, we support and celebrate diversity by providing a workplace that is inclusive for all, regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, age, or familial situation. We currently have a nationwide team of over 40 employees who cover the disciplines of investing, accounting, sales, marketing, and operations and are proud to have a majority-female workforce, including representation at every level of the company.
Invico also has a highly experienced management team, represented by Chief Executive Officer Allison Taylor and President Jason Brooks. They co-founded the company in 2005 and have served as Portfolio Managers for IDIF since its inception. In 2021, Chris Wutzke joined the executive team after being appointed to the role of Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, having joined the company in 2019.
– Allison Taylor, MBA, brings over 25 years of experience in corporate finance and is actively involved in the assessment of investments, ongoing regulatory compliance, and accounting on behalf of the firm’s managed investment offerings. She was recognized by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 in 2021 and was the proud recipient of the Female Executive of the Year award at the 2019 Wealth Professional Women in Wealth Management Awards.
– Jason Brooks, CFA, has over 25 years of experience in private equity and debt financing and is responsible for structuring complex funding for small and medium-sized businesses on behalf of Invico’s managed service offerings. Before co-founding Invico, Jason advised on over $3 billion of private and public mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestiture, and financing transactions.
– Chris Wutzke, CPA, CA, CFA, has over 30 years of senior leadership experience, with 20 of those being in investment management and corporate financial services. He oversees the investment management team in originating, underwriting, and monitoring bridge loan and factoring facilities and investment portfolio management.
In addition to these executive team members, Invico’s Investment Team is well-credentialed and comes from a diverse background, with many holding professional designations relevant to their unique roles, including:
– David Hawkins, CPA, CA, Senior Vice President of Diversified Investments. David has over 25 years of experience in the financial, industrial, and oil and gas services industries.
– Curt Labelle, P. Eng., Managing Director, Energy Investments. Curt has over 40 years of experience in the North American energy sector.
– Sara Pettigrew, P. Eng., Director, Energy Investments. Sara has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector.
– Megan Martin, CPA, Director, Investments. Megan has over six years of experience in the investment management and financial services industries.
– Rochelle van der Linde, CPA, Senior Portfolio Analyst. Rochelle has over seven years of experience in financial services.

Structure of the Offering and Additional Information

The following is a summary of the IDIF Class B unit class and should not be relied upon as a replacement for reading the Offering Memorandum (“OM”). For full details on IDIF’s structure and offering, please consult the publicly filed Class B OM dated April 4, 2022, available on SEDAR:
– Target Distribution Rate: $0.0595/unit per month; approximately 7% per annum
– Minimum Investment: $6,000
– Registered Plan Status: Eligible (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, LIF, RRIF, RESP, RDSP)
– Closings: Monthly closes scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month
– Potential Incentive Distribution: 80% above blended hurdle (see “Special Allocation” section of OM dated April 4, 2022, for details)
– Class B Fund Facts:

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