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Newlook Capital Dental Fund

Product Overview

Newlook Capital, through the Dental Fund, seeks to acquire Dental practices throughout Canada and then utilizes the expertise of their operating partner – Dentalook – to grow the underlying value of the clinics. They offer Dentists the ability to capitalize on the value they have created in their clinic throughout their career in a way that takes into account their wants and needs. Newlook is consolidating individual clinics to one portfolio for an eventual exit to a larger acquirer.

Investment Thesis

In their experience, the Dental industry in Canada is lagging behind other developed nations when it comes to consolidating Dental clinics. They find that, similarly to their Industrial Fund, the Dental industry offers a form of recession resiliency as the cash flows that the business produces continue to come through in a recurring nature, in good economic times and bad. They can then pass along the cash flow the clinics produce to their investors.


CEO – Elroy Gust: Over 20 years of M&A experience with transactions totalling of $150MM. Before Newlook Elroy co-founded a multi-family real estate investment group with approximately $500MM in AUM.
CIO – Abbas Osman: Over 20 years in investment experience. Prior to Newlook Abbas was responsible for the management of the investment department of the Abudawood Group. Abbas has been involved in many M&A transactions, totalling over $400MM.
VP External Sales – Gavin Treanor: Over 15 years of experience in commodities based M&A with transactions totalling over $400MM. Gavin is an aerospace engineer by trade, but has founded, raised substantial capital for, and sold several businesses in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Structure of the Offering

The Newlook Dental Fund offers investors an 9% targeted annual yield via a quarterly distribution, through a debenture investment vehicle. There is a $10,000 minimum for the fund and they do a monthly close for the fund. The Newlook Dental Fund has a target raise of $120MM, having currently raised approximately $85MM. If you’d like to learn more about their businesses, or Newlook, please reach out to Colin at

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