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Revesco Properties Trust

Product Overview

Revesco Properties Trust (“RPT”) is a US dollar denominated Canadian mutual fund trust established to acquire ownership in US open-air shopping centers and mixed-use properties. RPT targets markets throughout the US, which are growing in population and have strong and diversified economies. These markets are a direct flight from Denver, CO, where Revesco Properties was established in 2011.

Investment Thesis

Revesco Properties Trust (“RPT”) investment objective is to create a geographically diversified $1B US dollar portfolio of open-air retail and mixed-use properties throughout the US that will provide predictable USD income through quarterly distributions and upside in unit valuation through accreditive leasing and development activities. RPT has made its quarterly distribution every quarter since inception and has target annual returns of 10-14%. Currently, RPT has five income producing properties, representing approximately 500,000 square feet, and two financial instrument investments, which in aggregate represent approximately USD $100M in value. Revesco’s partners, who have committed to fund 10% of every equity raise to USD $5M, have over 100 years of collective experience in commercial real estate, which allow them to execute on RPT’s business plan.

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