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Product Overview

Skyward Equity Partners (“Skyward” or the “Fund”) is a private equity fund focused on acquiring niche industrial companies in Western Canada. The Fund seeks to acquire small-medium-sized metal machining, processing, fabrication, niche manufacturing, and industrial services businesses with EBITDA ranging between $0.5 million – $5 million.
Skyward will initially focus on opportunities in Western Canada and will utilize the cash flow of its acquired businesses to support distributions to investors. Each company within the portfolio is strategically purchased for an eventual exit (sale) to a strategic competitor or to another private equity firm.
Since its inception in November 2022, Skyward has acquired two companies and has a letter-of-intent in place for a third acquisition, anticipated to close by January 2024.

Investment Thesis

Skyward’s investment objective is to create a portfolio of niche industrial companies across Canada that provides investors with a stable return (semi-annual distribution) and strong upside potential (total return target of 21-25%).
Skyward’s strategy is to acquire smaller-sized companies, which tend to transact at lower valuations, with the intent of exiting the improved and larger portfolio at a higher, middle-market valuation.
More specifically, Skyward will:
– Source opportunities in niche segments of the market that are inefficient and impractical for institutional investors to access;
– Acquire companies at favourable valuations;
Aim to create value through improvements to individual companies and unlock potential synergies; and
– Create scale through consolidation that Management believes will provide outsized returns for investors.


Skyward is led by Darren Krissie (Founder and CEO), a seasoned executive with significant experience in the industrial sector.  Darren previously owned and operated GT Metal Products, a metal services and machining company in Edmonton that he acquired in 2012.  Darren also has prior experience as a senior executive (Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President) with Planet Organic Health Corp., a retail grocery business that was publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange. Under Darren’s leadership, Planet Organic grew to over $100 million in sales and was involved in several mergers and acquisitions transactions.
Darren is supported by Dave Lemoine, VP of Business Development and Integration, and Jennifer Fernets, Human Resources and Business Manager.  Dave has 30+ years of experience and a proven track record of successfully leading, transforming, integrating, and restructuring regional businesses.  Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in office and organizational management across several industries such as oil and gas, professional services, and television/media.

Structure of the Offering (SERIES B UNITS)

Skyward Structure of the Offering

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