A Dual Approach to Socially Responsible Investing

Invico Capital Corporation is an award-winning Canadian investment fund management firm providing alternative investing and financing solutions in North America. It also happens to be a proud woman-owned business. Founded in 2005 by business partners Allison Taylor, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and Jason Brooks, who serves as the President, the firm offers a range of private debt, energy, and real estate financing solutions and manages over $1.39 billion in private capital (as at Nov. 30, 2021). Having a woman at the helm of the investment firm is not the only uniquely defining characteristic of the company. Rather, there are two facets of Invico’s socially responsible investing (SRI) story, one which encompasses the firm’s internal corporate diversity and inclusion efforts and a second which involves an investment mandate that underscores a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and practices.
For over 15 years, Invico has been sought after for a continued commitment to sustainable financial solutions. At the same time, Invico has long remained inclusive of the diverse talent it employs, even at a time when the financial services industry remains predominantly male. In addition to her role as CEO, Allison, alongside Jason, is a Portfolio Manager and oversees investments for the firm’s managed service offerings, including its signature fund, the Invico Diversified Income Fund. This places Allison in rare company, as a 2021 Citywire Alpha Female Report revealed that women made up only 12% of fund managers globally and a 2018 KPMG survey of firms in alternative investments reported that women account for only 13% of CEOs globally. Additionally, Invico and its leadership team are avid supporters of gender equality and have built a staff comprised of over 60% women; this includes representation at every level of the company, from administration to the executive and management teams, as well as a C-suite comprised of 60% women and an energy team comprised of 50% women. Invico is also a member of the 30% Club Canada, which is a nationwide campaign advocating for better balance at public and private companies’ board and management levels.
Supplementary to Invico’s corporate SRI practices, it also incorporates similar policies into its investment mandate by integrating ESG criteria within its prospecting, due diligence, and underwriting processes to help identify, address, and mitigate risks across the portfolio and ensure partnership with similarly adherent businesses and teams. Invico is a proud signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment that aims to support signatories in incorporating ESG issues into decision-making and ownership practices. As a PRI signatory, Invico must report on its investment activities each year to ensure it upholds the six fundamental principles for responsible investing outlined in the PRI mandate, which includes items like seeking appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which it invests.
Lastly, Invico is a registered Portfolio Manager (PM), Investment Fund Manager (IFM), and Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), and acts as the IFM for eight funds, including those that help support sectors essential to the everyday lives of North Americans, such as the acquisition, maintenance, and management of workforce housing, commercial real estate, farmland, and senior housing.
Invico is proud to be a leader in the private capital market as an investment firm that supports and upholds SRI practices both internally and within its investment mandate. If you would like to learn more about Invico Capital Corporation and how to participate in its signature fund, please visit www.invicocapital.com or contact your Raintree Private Wealth Advisor today.